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Travel Poster Mug
Travel Poster Mug

Travel Poster Mug

Travel Poster Mug

Personalise it further with your business name, location or slogan to make it an extra special memento. 

Customisable features are shown in the product gallery but most designs can be changed / personalised further. If this is something you're interested in feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to accommodate your request.

White earthenware ceramic
White bone china
Frosted glass
Stainless steel stacking rack

Cambridge Mug 90mm tall x 80mm diameter 
Balmoral Mug 85mm tall x 75mm diameter
Birmingham Mug 100mm tall x 75mm diameter
Glass Tankard 150mm tall x 80mm diameter
Stacking Mugs 90mm tall x 80mm diameter (Overalll stacked height 335mm)
Stein Mug 120mm tall x 85mm diameter 
Glass Cambridge Mug 95mm tall x 80mm diameter 

All sizes are approximate.